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What is LifeKey

LifeKey is a Next of Kin notification system and a vital information storage system, designed to assist medical professionals at the scene of an emergency while informing your next of kin of the emergency.

A LifeKey is a stainless steel key ring designed to be attached to your car keys, the Key ring contains a LifeKey code which is linked to a secure online system, where all the owners Allergies, Conditions, Medical Aid, Insurance and 3 next of kin contact details are stored, these details can be updated through our secure online platform at anytime and as often as required with no additional fees.

In addition to the LifeKey we have included a wallet card with the matching LifeKey code and important contact details, vehicle sticker to identify vehicle as registered on the LifeKey system.

What are the Value Added Services

Our Value added services add a wealth of value to our product. Some services included in the Value Added Service bundle, include:

Real-time next of kin SMS notifications
Real-time One Time Pin when updating information
Real-time SMS notifications when information is accessed
Emergency Response and Stabilisation
Emergency Transportation (by Road or Air)
Telephonic Emergency Medical Information Hot line (24/7)
Telephonic Trauma Counselling Hot line (24/7)



LifeKey Once Off Purchase

R 59.99 Once off

The LifeKey Once Off Purchase is the base product which contains the LifeKey Key Ring, a Wallet Card and a Vehicle Sticker. The LifeKey Key Ring is made from Stainless Steel with a unique code engraved on it. The Wallet Card is a plastic credit card type card that can be kept in your wallet or purse which has the same unique code printed on it. The Vehicle Sticker is used to identify the vehicle owner as a LifeKey Owner.



Value Added Service

Month to Month, No contracts
R15.00 per month / R160.00 per year *

Our Value Added Service is a low cost, high value add-on to our product, which has been designed specifically to enhance the value of the LifeKey product and giving the owner a unique set of standalone Services which have previously only been available to corporate companies or only available as an add-on to an expensive primary product.


Custom Key Ring and Specialised Services


A great add-on item for all staff to ensure the
company is informed when staff
are in an emergency.

Contact Us to discuss special options and pricing including branding.

We have also developed the LifeKey Sport Edition for use while performing sporting activities.

We also offer specialised services for special events (Sporting, Corporate, Social, etc):

Assistance with registering and/or updating of participants details in the system

Assisting with vital information retrieval

Supplying / Loaning of pre-loaded devices to assist with retrieval of information

* Yearly subscriptions are required to be fully paid up front in order to benefit from the discounted rate.


A view on Accidents in South Africa

It has been estimated that there are about 900 000 accidents each year in South Africa. Of these, about 160 000 occupants sustained injuries, and approximately 65 000 required hospitalization. Of the approximate 65 000 people that required hospitalization about 18 000 people died as a result of a road accident.

The biggest contributing factor (+- 85%) to a road accident is caused by human error. Only 10% of road accidents are caused by bad road conditions, and only about 6% of accidents are caused by un-roadworthy vehicles. The biggest cause of accidents by human error is that of road users breaking the law.

For example:

  • overtaking over a solid barrier line,
  • a pedestrian crossing a busy motorway, and
  • driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Over last year's festive season there were a reported 1376 fatalities on our roads, caused by 1147 accidents:

Mpumalanga – 134 Fatalities
North West – 88 Fatalities
Limpopo – 134 Fatalities
Gauteng – 268 Fatalities
Free State – 121 Fatalities
KwaZulu-Natal - 284 Fatalities
Northern Cape – 43 Fatalities
Eastern Cape – 190 Fatalities
Western Cape – 114 Fatalities
     Road Deaths by Province

It is estimated that this year's festive season death toll could reach 1600 fatalities as more and more cars are being purchased in South Africa and the competency of drivers in South Africa gets lower and lower each year.

To use an extremely over used Cliché "A small change can make a huge difference" - but the truth is that - if each South African road user simply obeys the laws of the road, the fatality rate on South African roads caused by human error will decrease substantially:

  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol,
  • keep to the speed limits,
  • pedestrians - cross the road at valid crossings e.g. Zebra crossings, Traffic lights.

In order to effectually lower the fatality rate on South African roads, measures need to be implemented to reduce pedestrian fatalities, speeding and alcohol abuse among pedestrians and motorists.

Articles from around the web worth reading.

Please be advised the below links link to external websites and the views expressed in them are not of LifeKey or SSS Holdings Pty Ltd

Arrive Alive

Advanced Driving, Defensive Driving and Road Safety

Night Driving and Road Safety

Driving in Heavy Rain

Following Distances and Road Crashes

Driving with Lights on at Daytime

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